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TEE-Riffic Business:
From Doodles 
to Dollars



Meet Crystal Diggs, the mastermind behind "What NOT to DO", "To DO or NOT to DO", the 6-figure urban brand "Fashion Snob." and a seasoned veteran with over 27 years of experience in the chaotic world of marketing, fashion, graphic design, print, t-shirts, and everything in between. With more twists, turns, and hilarious mishaps under their belt than a rollercoaster at a theme park, Diggs is the ultimate guide through the wild and wacky landscape of creativity and commerce.

Armed with a sharp wit, a keen eye for design, and a knack for turning even the most disastrous blunders into comedy gold, Diggs has seen it all – from cringe-worthy ad campaigns to t-shirt slogans that missed the mark by a mile. But instead of crying over spilled ink (or poorly chosen fonts), Diggs has embraced the chaos with open arms, turning their experiences into priceless lessons and side-splitting anecdotes.

So buckle up, dear reader, and prepare to be entertained, enlightened, and maybe even inspired by the one-of-a-kind wisdom and humor of Diggs. With their unique blend of expertise, experience, and a healthy dose of irreverence, Diggs is here to show you that even in the world of marketing mayhem, laughter is the best medicine.

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